These people are being treated like animals! Or are they?

Imagine if you knew were able to predict that every decade or so that a particular natural disaster would hit the area you live. Oh wait, we already do that?

Apparently the folks in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands forgot this and were ill-prepared. But not to worry, the US has plenty of money for humanitarian relief and you we can be as irresponsible as we want, right?

As predicted in my inaugural post Puerto Rico is fighting for this month’s most oppressed award. San Juan’s mayor giving her press conferences in her “NASTY” t-shirt and “WE’RE DYING” shirt… she’s not a Trump-hater at all, right? The cries that Trump is treating them like animals has never been louder – but it’s simply a lie.

Countless resources, both goods and people, have been sent to the island to assist through the catastrophe. FEMA has delivered 4 million meals, 6 million liters of water and thousands upon thousands of tarps and rolls of roofing material. In addition we have dispatched 330 DHHS staffers, Army Corps of Engineers, EPA and DoD officials, including many helicopters and planes. The response to this effort has been overwhelming.

So what’s the problem? Many in the island’s government want everything done for them. Their unions are refusing to work without substantial pay. Their government is simply denying any culpability for the state of things.

Long before the series of powerful hurricanes that pelted the island, Puerto Rico had a very faulty power supply and immense debt. Before the storm, the power authority had already declared bankruptcy making power outages a routine occurrence on the island.

In 2015 a report published by the Heritage Foundation stated, “Puerto Rico is not experiencing a temporary recession; it is in economic decline”. This is what has caused a mass exodus from the island with residents seeking better opportunities on the mainland.

The already crumbling infrastructure of the island prior to Maria saw a fleeing population which was a result of their own policies and flawed and corrupt government officials, no fault of the federal government.

News organizations everywhere and social media outlets would have you believing we have done nothing for Puerto Rico. Pretty much everyone has seen or heard of “Trump throwing paper towels at Puerto Ricans like they are animals!”. You really need to have a keen sense of bullshit in today’s media storm. Read more. Watch more. Don’t live on cropped agenda-based media.

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