The Left Is Killing Darwin

Most people are familiar with Darwinian concepts of evolution in varying degrees. In terse summary – he theorized that all species arise and develop through the process of natural selection, through inherited variance that increases survival and reproductive ability. This concept creates imperfections in biology, essentially a roll of the dice, to handle all future possibilities that the species may face during its finite lifespan. The evolutionary dead-ends eventually die off and the resilient of the species continue and reproduce.

We seem to have reached a point that those on the left feels like it is time to leave Darwin in the past. Have we reached the end of the evolutionary timeline? I would argue that we are not. The progressives have created Darwin-proof safety nets that eliminate survival of the fittest and allow evolutionary dead-ends to thrive and reproduce. Is it any wonder that we have over 7 million in the US with IQs of 70 or less? This is the around 2% of our population. No where else in the animal kingdom would this group survive through the infinitely changing universe we live within. We have created a society that is able to defy science. But the question remains, what does this mean for our future as a species?

No, I am not advocating for eugenics – we have seen this tried throughout history via some heinous methods and we all agree it’s disgusting. I would much rather advocate a shift in our perception of this reality and bring our awareness level back to understand the presence of this concept. We do not have to fall for the media and social justice agendas of saying everyone deserves equal outcome. We are promised equal opportunity – NOT EQUAL OUTCOME. We are all built differently, wired differently, some of us innovate, some of us fall in line, there is no harm in that – stop denying our differences. The left has ramped up their crusade against common sense and thrown logic out the window all in the name of making themselves feel virtuous. There is no virtue in making people believe they are superior, that they are protected and impervious to reality.

Darwin’s theory of evolution is not dead but it is under attack, we simply cannot let it die as it could be the end for us. Maybe it’s the pragmatist in me, but it just seems nonsensical the way we are heading. Our media machine relentlessly is trying to normalize abnormal behavior and tell us that if we do not agree we must lack feelings or empathy.

If you don’t think the way the celebrities think – you are just internally oppressed.

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