A new mental illness running amok

Mental illness remains somewhat of an inconclusive field on medical science. We have a pretty comprehensive understanding of that it means to have normal brain chemistry and what lack of mental condition looks like but still lack a full understanding of the breadth of conditions that afflict humans. Lately we have been encouraging one particularly damaging mental illness known as Gender Dysphoria and Body Dysmorphia. We are increasingly supporting delusion rather than encouraging sufferers from seeking mental help. I digress, let’s get back to the purpose of this post.

One very dangerous condition, schizophrenia – particularly of the paranoid variety, can result in auditory hallucinations which can make the afflicted question their own reality and begin to wonder what is real and what is not. The voices they hear may be critical, complementary or neutral and at times they may give you commands that are potentially very harmful.

What we are seeing in today’s world, particularly with the advent of the internet and social media, is information and news overload. We are inundated with article after article, share after share, chart after chart, video after video, source after source and we are left asking – what is real? We have an innate desire to seek the truth but are often left to make our own truth due to lack of consistent information. Pretty much everywhere you turn you are faced with different voices telling to different things, telling you how to act, how to respond and what to do.

Are you starting to see the parallels here? We are creating a whole new level of mental illness never seen before. We are in dire need of some technological innovators to solve this challenge – I just hope that one identifies this problem as I have before it is too late. This has become a striking problem with political discourse among this generation and unless we figure out a way to cope, the problem, left untreated will only get worse and eventually we will experience a complete and utter breakdown.

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