October’s Oppressed

Here we are 90 days until the end of the year and already so many people vying for the #1 spot of Most Oppressed – who will reign supreme?

Yesterday I came across this article with the title “Thousands of Women March Against Racism and Oppression“. I guess it’s time for vagina hat liberals to resurface after they lost the spotlight with Hillary’s loss. Conveniently hundreds of the protestors “took a knee” *Insert uncontrollable laughter*. I would think women would be against taking a knee, you know… the Patriarchy and all. They claimed to be marching to the ongoing wave of animosity against Blacks and people of color. Seems to me that people forgot what it’s like to be a kid. Do any of you remember growing up and wanting to go against anything your parents or school told you to do? Yea – well this is what’s happening now, more and more people are standing up and saying enough is enough, we are rebelling.

I have always appreciated the hypocrisy of liberals in response to injustice to Blacks. They conveniently ignore statistics and facts. They consistently insist that not only are whites to blame, but that the only one that can help them out of their dilemma are whites – how racist is that? To carry the mentality, Oh, you poor poor helpless Black soul, don’t you worry, us liberals are here to help!, is so extremely racist in and of itself. The problems plaguing the Black communities are largely things that we cannot effect from the outside, they are not things which can be legislated away, we’ve already done that by removing race from laws. Unless you support codifying reverse-racism into law, there is nothing law can do to fix it and by that I mean: Enforce said law according to this, unless they are of color, then let them go 50-60% of the time.

I take a very libertarian approach to the Black dilemma. A major resolution and step we need to take is decriminalization of minor drug offenses and effectively normalize drug legislation to prevent any sort of unfair enforcement of certain drugs over others. Drug arrests are a big problem in the Black communities and more often than not, it’s for possession and not the higher crimes. However, even with this massive element removed, statistics still unfavorably put Blacks in the spotlight for other aggravated crimes such as: Rape, Robbery and Assaults. With this though, I think we would then be able to have an honest discussion about fixing from the inside out.

The media is juggling a handful of narratives and nobody they cover wants to lose the spotlight on their cause of the day. The fear of the media is that they will lose relevance if they don’t give everyone their 5 seconds of fame. They already decided on doubling down on Trump’s #FakeNews attacks by proving to all of us that they are indeed just that – Fake. Now I said in my inaugural post that I was about intellectual honesty, so let me break down what I mean when I say Fake. In my opinion, the adopted semantic meaning of “Fake News” by the left is one of being accusatory towards the validity of the story in factual nature.  To me, Fake News is that as well as reporting that has no journalistic value and aims to only illicit feelings in people rather than provide anything of importance. Who read the article about Trump’s son-in-law that accidentally filled a form and checked the female box? Yea – this is what I mean, Fake News. Social media took this article and spread it like wildfire, before you knew it everyone was stating there is no way we can trust someone that can’t even fill out a form properly. Comical to say the least.

I have a feeling October will bring us a surprise. One of the other Oppressed Du Jour will vie for the media spotlight and take it – My money is on the Puerto Ricans.

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